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How to get a black eye

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Thank you for visiting this new page with audio and video sermons.

Preacher, if you stand for anything these days, believe me, you can get a black eye.

If you believe the KJV 1611 is inspired of GOD, not just the “orginals,” oh, you will get a black eye!

You will get a black eye if you say that word “Repentance.” Oh, it is hated by the easy-believism crowd.

Now, on this page I plan on having two thousand Sermons in audio and video.  Please, understand that I cannot listen to all the Sermons, so if you don’t agree with who is preaching, just listen to another. I want to give the devil and his crowd a blackeye.  You say. “Johnny, you can’t give the devil a blackeye.”  Okay, know-it-all, read Zechariah 11:17!

Laying all kidding aside, loosen up enjoy GOD’s Word.

Johnny The Baptist, B.A.D.F.
(Born Again Devil Fighter)

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