How to get a black eye

April 8th, 2009

Thank you for visiting this new page with audio and video sermons.

Preacher, if you stand for anything these days, believe me, you can get a black eye.

If you believe the KJV 1611 is inspired of GOD, not just the “orginals,” oh, you will get a black eye!

You will get a black eye if you say that word “Repentance.” Oh, it is hated by the easy-believism crowd.

Now, on this page I plan on having two thousand Sermons in audio and video.  Please, understand that I cannot listen to all the Sermons, so if you don’t agree with who is preaching, just listen to another. I want to give the devil and his crowd a blackeye.  You say. “Johnny, you can’t give the devil a blackeye.”  Okay, know-it-all, read Zechariah 11:17!

Laying all kidding aside, loosen up enjoy GOD’s Word.

Johnny The Baptist, B.A.D.F.
(Born Again Devil Fighter)

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